STEINBAUER is a tried and tested performer and the leader in advanced additional tuning modules. They invest in new technology and their engineers actually put boots on the ground for R&D and field testing in North America. Unlike many competitors, they don’t buy something from overseas and hope it works – they develop it, manufacture it, test it and support it. There may be other choices in the market, just make sure you know what you are really paying for and who you are paying for it. 

Taber Diesel realises over time and given there is a great deal of misinformation, it can be difficult to recall why STEINBAUER has been a leader in the tuning industry for over 20 years and what is the difference between STEINBAUER and other products.

In recent years there has been a massive influx of ECM remapping emerge. This practice of downloading a different map into the machines ECM is often called ‘re-flashing’. The sheer volume of these companies that have appeared in the past 2 years could be described as an epidemic. In the majority of cases they have paid an overseas programmer for the license to download a program for specific engines and in reality have no idea of what has been changed in the map and lack the necessary experience in combustion engines and the engineering and the knowledge of farming machinery to safely understand what they are changing.

So why STEINBAUER? Are we more expensive, yes. But you get what you pay for. Some customers have reported paying $2000 for a ECU flash tune and then when problems arise their ‘lifetime warranty’ and any technical support vanishes. When a company has no physical investment in the market, they can choose to have no commitment to their customers.

Quality. Service.STEINBAUER.

Ag Machinery

Farming is a difficult industry, there are constant variables that our beyond every farmers control.​ To much rain, not enough rain, raising fuel prices, labour costs - all of these elements play a factor to your bottom line. With the help of STEINBAUER you can regain some control. By running more efficiently per acre, STEINBAUER puts money, where it belongs, back in your pocket. 

Once installed with a STEINBAUER PowerModule you are able to work more acres per hour, this translates into less hours required to cover the same amount of ground. The saving of time gives an overall fuel savings of around 10%, on some applications even greater fuel savings are seen.



Heavy equipment is tough work; it is about moving, shifting, hauling - as much as you can as efficiently as you can. In gravel pits, SLAG yards, digging ditches and channels - the machines need to be efficient. 
STEINBAUER intelligent module design is based around the injection system, so if it is a modern diesel then I can help. These modules are able to be customized within individual software maps for specific applications. 




In recent times over the road trucking has become a tougher industry in which to make a decent profit. Increased fuel prices, driver wages, maintenance costs and on the road costs are making it more and more difficult to run efficiently.


STEINBAUER PowerModules can provide you with a solution to run more efficiently. But it is just not about power alone. What load do you carry? What terrain do you run? What weights do you haul? Everything in trucking is variable and this is why, the advanced Intelligent PowerModule from STEINBAUER can help you. 

Heavy Equipment

Line Haul Trucking

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